• Used by over 70% of US Law Enforcement agencies and around the world.
  • Hands down, best value for your money.
  • Simple design, no external safety, simply point and shoot design.
  • Glock only has 34 parts and requires no special tools to completely disassemble.
  • Most supported gun for parts & accessories in the world.
  • Same Safe-Action patented Glock  trigger pull every time.
  • Trigger pull can be easily changed from the stock 5lb pull to a 3.5lb, 7.5lb, & 10lb trigger pull.
  • Weighs 20-30% less than other guns of similar caliber and dimensions
  • Glock has several proven internal/passive built in safeties that will NOT allow it to fire unless the
    trigger is pulled.  A Glock will not fire if dropped unless the trigger is depressed.
  • Glock is inherently more accurate by design: Glock has one of the lowest bore axis designs(less
    recoil) and the Glock handle is angled to shoot straighter than most other guns.
  • Glock Price Range  New: $500-$600  Used: $400-$550
Glock 26  (10round mag)
stock without pinky extender
Glock 26 (10round mag)
with pinky extender
Glock 26 same short barrel, but
15 round magazine & sleeve
15 rounds
17 rounds
I have put over 50,000 rounds through our kits.
Takes less than 10 seconds to convert from 9mm to .22calber
Price $265 - $300
Glock 19
Glock 17
            2   6    6  -  2   3   2   5
Captain Ron's
Firearms Training
Glock 17 Advantage Arms
Conversion kit.
Conversion kit.